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Style test drive fluid sculptures Beijing Modern Reina
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Moving from the Hyatt to iX35, then Reina, "fluid sculpture" styling once again to bring the visual impact. Convex waistline, bold powerful engine hatch characteristic line, and X-bumper with, making the car filled with a sense of power. Serena's shape, smooth lines, smooth transition from the roof to the rear and slightly protruding at the rear of the formation of the tail, so that the vehicle looks like a coupe, the general is full of movement. Sharp curve headlights full integration with the vehicle and taillight design echoed with the homologous, thus making the car look more fashionable. A0-Class interior space is often limited, so that their owners feel a bit sorry. Serena's external dimensions of 4340mm × 1700mm × 1460mm, A0-level market in Kansas is excellent, while Reina 2570mm wheelbase is also called up to the same level, so let Serena get the same level models of the most lavish of legroom. Just so is not enough, Serena's back door and did not design the inside of any storage space, so that the rear seats can be extended to both sides, the back of the horizontal space and thus to maximize the expansion. More objective, the Serena's luggage compartment space to 454 L, comparable to mid-size car, and because of the special design of the rear body, the trunk lid opening is a great, easy to put large luggage. Since the cut in the internal space, Reina is defined as A0 +-level model is deserved. Serena's is full of modern interior design. Y-shaped symmetrical dashboard, patchwork and simple and elegant multi-level overlap, creating a clear sense of the avant-garde; in the control panel, black piano lacquer and metallic color combinations, highlighting the quality of the vehicle; three-dimensional combination of instruments, Full driving information at a glance. See, Beijing Hyundai in the past, practical basis to maintain the hope that through fashion elements and extraordinary quality to impress consumers. The back room, while significant, however, rear seat head restraints because of the angle of the relationship, relying on not very comfortable. Moreover, since the width of rear space to increase the expense of the storage location inside the back door, so rear passengers piecemeal items resting place of some inconvenience. Reina equipped with the latest γ Hyundai 4-cylinder 16-valve CVVT series aluminum cylinder block engine and optional 1.4 L displacement and 1.6 L. This information can be seen from this 2 engine in energy saving, emission reduction has a good performance, the data provided from the factory, both the highest fuel consumption of the engine, but a comprehensive road 6.6 L/100 km. Reina is also equipped with ECO driving mode to remind the identification of economic, real-time automatic detection of vehicle driving conditions, when the driver is driving the current economic model, the engine tachometer ECO central green light, once the radical step on the gas, the lights go out , indicating that the current operation is relatively cost motorists oil. The mode setting allows drivers to compare conscious economy, driving operations. It is because of Reina in terms of fuel economy, outstanding performance, the model Development and Reform Commission has been included in the "energy-saving products that benefit the project" fuel-efficient vehicles (1.6 L and below passenger cars) directory, and consumers to buy this car 3 000 yuan can enjoy the financial subsidy.
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