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2011 China Harbin International Fluid Machinery Exhibition
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2011, "China Harbin International Fluid Machinery Exhibition," scheduled for April 27, 2011 -29 days held in Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Centre, is the only one held in Heilongjiang national and international professional exhibition machinery industry. Now with the first domestic pumps, valves, fluid machinery industry personnel job recruitment website - valve network of excellence (http://pv.jdjob88.com) a partnership! By both contractors and operators: Harbin CITIC Albert Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City List Network Limited signed an agreement. Cooperation is the most popular, where the "2011 China Harbin International Fluid Machinery Exhibition," exhibitors, free to participate in a month 』『 valve network of excellence online recruitment services. Customers only need to show the contract to provide exhibitors and company business license, contact recruitment consultant valve can open network of excellence service. Effective Date: September 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010. Equipment manufacturing industry is an important pillar of China's economic development one of the industry, fluid machinery in the state's major mechanical equipment has a significant position in China machinery industry the most important component; fluid machinery for the oil and gas development undertaking and for the petrochemical industry, metallurgy, water conservancy and other industries to provide complete sets, and key technology supporting the difficult task is that many sets, the core of major technical equipment in the equipment. Its main products pumps, valves, piping, fans, compressors, filtration and separation equipment, vacuum equipment, gas purification equipment, environmental protection, power, petrochemical and other industries have a wide range of applications. 2011 "in Harbin, China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition" and the China Harbin International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition (the "CHIME") over the same period held by the China International Trade Promotion Committee, Heilongjiang Provincial Government, Harbin Municipal People's Government of Harbin Industry Information Committee, CCPIT Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, CCPIT, Harbin Albert Exhibition Co., Ltd. CITIC specific contractor, the China International Trade Promotion Committee formally approved by the international exhibition of professional equipment manufacturing industry, to cater for the revitalization of northeast old industrial base state implementation of the strategy. The exhibition area of 26,000 square meters of indoor exhibition design, outdoor net of 10,000 square meters, the overall exhibition area of 36,000 square meters. Participants are expected to reach 30 countries and regions, foreign merchants 3 thousand people, 5 million people internally and abroad. Valve valve in the vast network of excellence and related personnel support enterprise customers, after 6 years of rapid development, has now become the best and most professional provider of human resources valve. Products include: network recruitment, campus recruitment, executive search advertising, HR consulting, career planning. Cooperation is mainly through the exhibition of China for the better service of fluid machinery industry, and expand trade between the two sides in the fluid mechanical effects, both mutual promotion and mutual promotion purposes. To meet the needs of users, facilitate the personnel job, mobile WAP version on August 1st, 2010 formally launched. WAP version allows you anytime, anywhere using a mobile phone cover, mobile phone users and does not charge fees, but the telecommunications operators will charge generated when browsing WAP pages GPRS traffic charges. WAP version can save you more time and effort! We have been holding "customer satisfaction is our greatest achievement", dedicated to valve area businesses and individuals to build an interactive platform for exchange of human resources.
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