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The Fifth China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition Opening soon
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The Fifth China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition (IFMC) will be held October 13 to 15 at the Beijing Exhibition Center, the current exhibition in the breeze has been successfully concluded, the preparatory work is being, orderly and smooth manner. The exhibition Will be laid by the China General Machinery Industry Association was founded and nurtured, has become a large-scale fluid machinery, professional strength, high level, the effect is good international professional exhibition. The exhibition will be held over the same period the Second International Pump Industry Development Forum, the development of the Third International Forum on the valve, the Fourth International Fan / Compressor Development Forum and the International Development Forum ASU. According to reports, the main exhibition display products include: centrifugal compressor, reciprocating compressors, screw compressors; a variety of chemical process pumps; a variety of corrosion resistant valves, widely used in petroleum, natural gas transmission pipe long Line; for large oil refineries, ethylene, large PTA, PX and other supporting large-scale petroleum and petrochemical installations. General Electric Company, Ebara Corporation of Japan, Germany, MAN Turbo AG, Germany's Siemens, Canada Wei Portland Valve Company, the Swedish company Atlas compressor, Italy DOTT valves, Mexico WALWORTH Valve Company, and the Russian Pump Association, the Japan Association of dozens of valves internationally renowned companies and professional groups Body will take part in the exhibition, display, share their most advanced products and technologies, domestic fluid machinery manufacturing enterprises will also be competing against the elite. The exhibition on the special equipment of the exhibitors are on display in the exhibition demonstrate new technologies and products, while corporate culture and competitiveness.
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