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Shanghai Compressor Co Ltd However the letter of the Fifth International Fluid
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The Fifth China International Fluid Machinery Ex hibition 2010, October 13 to 15 was held in Beijing Exhibition Centre, the exhibition gathered a large number of domestic compressor industry well-known brand manufacturers participating.

The show I am Secretary of the attitude of the peer learning exchanges and exhibitors to the market launch of our direct online and 55KW high pressure machine, with its delicate appearance, reasonable design, good configuration access to the China General Machinery Industry Association Sui Bin, president and fellow participants, the audience.

In recent years, emerging as the domestic compressor brands, the company insisted the leadership's determination to create domestic brands, the company makes a concerted effort for market research and design energy-efficient products, have launched a 22KW ~ 55KW small straight line, with its low power consumption and low noise characteristics of the user access to the market generally recognized.

I believe the Secretary will work to improve the natural brand products (fixed screw, move the screw, high pressure), to provide good air compression system to meet the greatest needs of the market and users.

Adhere to the times, adhere to the technical innovation, is our pursuit;

Ensure product quality, ensure quality service is our commitment has always been;

However, I believe the letter is selected, choose a worry!

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