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Large chemical industry installs De Yang to make base rise abruptly fully
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The chemical machinery equipment that invests 650 million yuan of construction by company of group of Chinese chemical industry produces base, development of technology of open economy of settle Sichuan heart.
Equipment of machinery of this chemical industry produces base to cover an area of 600 mus, whole project construction will be divided period carry out, among them first phase uses the land 300 mus, invest 320 million yuan, built go into operation 2010, main construction is heavy container, stainless steel container, sphere and seal first class product line; 2 period with the ground 300 mus, invest 330 million yuan, built go into operation 2011, basically frog of alloy steel railroad assembles production of production, briny desalt equipment and production of nuclear phone equipment. Equipment of our country large chemical industry will be become to create one of base after project building put into production, predicting annual produce amounts to 4 billion yuan, can realize of all kinds taxation to exceed 200 million yuan.

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