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Carat Ma depends on petrifaction navigate new-style industrialization
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This year August, carat Ma depends on petrifaction 5 million tons of stiff oily concentration processes device building go into operation, build plant with two when its border and stand, it is base of country's at present biggest production of annulus alkyl lube and bitumen product line. This new rise petro-chemical industry garden, ground of stimulative Xinjiang big step marchs toward new-style industrialization.
In advancing new-style industrialization to build a course, the municipality depends on carat Ma the key area that changes the strategy to carry out advantage resource certainly, in building base of 4 big petrifaction, depend on carat Ma, alone Shan Zishi changes base construction to be put in the first place.
Carat Ma seizes opportunity according to construction of petro-chemical industry garden, by situation and on, area of garden area program 64 square kilometer, will rely on resource of advantage of abundant oil, natural gas, swim according to fluctuation the target that unifinication develops, build and form the industrial chain such as chemical industry of oil natural gas, coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, biology chemical industry, careful chemical industry, promote my area new-style industrialized process.
At present carat Ma depends on petrifaction garden in, enterprise of two big bibcock -- alone hill child, carat Ma depends on petrifaction company, already had the crude oil that produces per year 11 million tons process capability and 220 thousand tons ethylene productivity, the petrochemicals is amounted to 220 a variety of. These products, important place is taken in domestic petrifaction market, sell as far as to 20 many countries and area, among them large quantities of one dominant product fill home is blank.
2007, carat Ma depends on petrifaction company, build country's biggest annulus alkyl lube to produce base, this company relies on method of modern science and technology, use distinctive stiff oily resource, development goes 70 many new breed, enter the foreign market such as Si Tan of Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, Kazakstan successfully. Current, this company came true in stiff oil of oil northwest area centers lube of alkyl of treatment, high-grade annulus production, bitumen is produced and low coagulate derv is produced " 4 large base " the target of construction.
2009, national major project -- alone 1 million tons of 10 thousand tons of oil refining, ethylene building cast Shan Ziqian postpartum, the productivity that has 1 million tons of 10 million tons of oil refining, ethylene. At the appointed time, carat Ma is depended on will become a state base of large petrifaction property, and whole drives Xinjiang petrifaction downstream industry, petrifaction correlation industry and the bitter fleabane break out that match layette Wu trade to it are exhibited.
Depend on as carat Ma, alone the propulsion that Shan Zishi turns project of company major construction, a batch of petro-chemical downstream projects are active follow-up, into be stationed in industrial garden. To this year in September the middle ten days of a month, profit of 200 thousand tons of methanol that invests construction with Xinjiang oil management board, overhead is new and high 70 thousand tons of glycol, Shandong is new rash the project of a batch of petrifaction that 100 thousand tons of formaldehyde and golden tower arrange anhydride project 20 thousand tons to be a delegate already was built in succession and put into production. 5 years, this city already accumulative total builds local petrifaction project more than 30, total investment evens more 3 billion yuan; Additionally a batch of projects are about to enter garden, predict total investment exceeds 6 billion yuan. This year first half of the year, garden area implements capital attraction project in all 68, fulfil reach the designated position capital 7. 500 million yuan.
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