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Always aid electric machinery wins 16 practical and new-style patent
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Recently, 16 practical and new-style patent of company of electric machinery of Chinese north Che Yongji obtain authorization of bureau of national intellectual property. Become Shanxi to save the company with accredit most patent, already accumulative total amounts to 183. Patent application covered an industry basically in recent years main technique innovates domain, formed valid patent to protect a net.
Always aid electric machinery is company of development of transmission of a large report of domestic, because the enterprise is located in an environment not quite convenience, this company takes technical innovation of the worker seriously very. Should begin skill of young worker worker every year to compare connecting with the boxing skill, " 3 improve " activity, and the estrade technical innovation consciousness that trains a worker mixes the worker on the weekend skill.
In last few years, this company introduces the advanced technique of the foreign enterprise such as Toshiba, Xi Menzi early or late, to accelerate homebred change a course, the enterprise adopts multinomial measure to arouse a worker to innovate ceaselessly. At the beginning of this year, the enterprise came on stage " functionary creation patent rewards method " , this company general assembly because Zhao Guanmin of 2 workshops director is obtained " tine of helix chamfer fault combs tine milling cutter " wait for 3 patent, got the award of the enterprise. This also is this company raise worker job to invent patent to reward amount considerably again inside time of two years, the purpose is to yield post of worker base oneself upon, innovate ceaselessly, become internationalization company at an early date for the enterprise " give counsel " .
This award does code to decide: Be awarded to invent patent, practical and new-style patent, exterior to design patent by bureau of national intellectual property, one-time reward inventor respectively 20 thousand yuan, 5000 yuan, 3000 yuan, write down inventor archives of individual work outstanding achievement. Patent to functionary creation project and inventor commemorate quarter tablet, type plant records, be record in a company to develop annals.
Promotive method returns a regulation, in alignment of technical position of assess high level chief expert, presiding stylist (technology division) when, patent accredit circumstance includes necessary assessment the requirement; Assess director stylist (technology division) , director stylist (technology division) when, patent accredit circumstance includes important assessment the requirement; When assess technology title, patent accredit circumstance also should include assessment the requirement. The job that brings bigger economic benefits for the enterprise invents patent, the enterprise will inspect a circumstance to give heavy award.  

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