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Invite public bidding of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics
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Invite public bidding of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics
Standards of name of goods of invite public bidding, amount, technology and financing source:
Machine of centrifugal type pneumatics: 4;
Discharge: 220m3/min. Exhaust pressure (aftercooler exit) 0.8MPa (G) 1
Discharge: 280m3/min. Exhaust pressure (aftercooler exit) 0.5MPa (G) 3
Technical parameter detailed sees document of invite public bidding.
Buy time of file of invite public bidding: Release day of announcement of invite public bidding to rise to bid end time stops (everyday 9:00-11:00, 13:00-16:00, holiday except) .
Price of file of invite public bidding: Edition of English of file of invite public bidding and Chinese edition one (contain electronic edition) , mark paragraph 1 price is a RMB 1500 yuan or 200 dollars are full.
File of invite public bidding all presses a bag (or mark paragraph) undertake valuation sells.
If need to mail, domestic postage 50 yuan of RMBs, abroad postage 200 yuan of RMBs or 25 dollars.
If written edition and electronic edition have contradiction, it is with written edition accurate; If Chinese edition and English edition have contradiction, it is with Chinese edition accurate.
If use a net to go up,buy mark way, need not paper file, price of file of invite public bidding is cost price 6 fold.
Use a net to go up the means that buy mark, do not have paper version, WORD edition and PDF edition have contradiction, it is with PDF edition accurate.
Bid end time and time of open sealed tenders: On October 29, 2008 10 when 00 minutes (Beijing time) . Bidder should end at bidding the demand that file of this invite public bidding presses before time is referred sealed bid the file reachs ground of this project open sealed tenders to nod, need was handed over before that day in open sealed tenders bid the bidder of the file affirms with person of business connection of invite public bidding please hand over mark book place.
Respectful ask bidder (or accreditation is represented) presence.
★ asks to the qualification of bidder:
Bidder must have engine of current world's advanced, mature, dependable centrifugal type pneumatics to manufacture a technology, have make, installation, debug, safeguard the expertise talent that waits for a respect and excellent treatment facilities, capable to build effective administrative system for the project, have outstanding achievement of good enterprise of domestic large metallurgy, provide excellent after service. The outstanding achievement list that two years large company stability runs above must be offerred when bidding.

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