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2 × of factory of C of power plant of Guangdong cloud float 300MW
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Project of unit of 2×300MW of factory of C of power plant of Guangdong cloud float invite public bidding of the 2nd batch of equipment
Release time: 2008-10-08
Time of open sealed tenders: 2008-10-30
What belong to an area: Guangdong
Detailed content: Suffer the commission of owner, equipment of the 2nd batch of subsidiary engine purchases Cheng of electrician of hair of coal fired of fluid-bed of loop of small to be being pressed greatly on 2×300MW“ of factory of C of cloud float power plant ” the project undertakes home makes public invite public bidding. Be as follows the specific arrangements announcement of invite public bidding now:
1, the name of product of invite public bidding, amount and main technique parameter:
Price of book of parameter of name of package bugle call, equipment, main technique, amount, mark:
Horizontal of water pump of loop of the 1st bag, horizontal double suck, centrifugal pump leaves in the level 4 800 yuan
Type of the 2nd bag, annulus of vavuum pump water 4 500 yuan
The 3rd bag, dynamoelectric DN1800 DN1600 of butterfly a powerful person, the metal is hard sealed 12 2 500 yuan
The 4th bag, fluid accuses DN1800 of butterfly a powerful person, the metal is hard sealed 4 300 yuan
Gate of mesh of the 5th bag, flat, steel reachs the flat mesh such as cast-iron gate: Stationary grille type, wide 3m, tall 4m;4 covers steel gate measure: Tall 3000mm, wide 3000mm; 2 cast-iron gate: Wide 3.0m, tall 3.0m, use dynamoelectric headstock gear 1 300 yuan
Room of water pump of the 6th bag, loop uses 32/5T lifting capacity of crane of type of dynamoelectric double beam bridge: Advocate hook: 32t, auxiliary hook: 5t 1 stage 300 yuan
C of the 7th bag, tipper; Bicycle retroflexions type 1 1200 yuan
The 8th packet, fight round of caboodle reclaimer to pile makings ability: 1500t/h takes makings ability: 600t/h 2 stage 1200 yuan
Crusher of the 9th bag, clear Bi 2 300 yuan
The 10th bag, machinery exerts oneself except broken bits system 80t/h 2 covers 500 yuan
The 11st packet, pressing thick photograph effort to eliminate grey system 1 1000 yuan
Stage of Y10W-204/532 15 of lightning arrester of the 12nd bag, 220KV 300 yuan
Transformer of electric current of dry type of the 13rd bag, 220KV is single-phase, dry type, outdoors model 18 300 yuan
Type of transformer of voltage of type of electromagnetism of the 14th bag, 220KV: Outdoors, single-phase, medium of SF6 gas insulation, transformer of electromagnetism type voltage (the sex that assume a look) 8 300 yuan
252kV of breaker of the 15th bag, 220KV SF6, 3150A, 50kA, complete bedspring orgnaization, odd fracture surface operates 4 completely; Split phase operates 2 500 yuan
GW16-252 of switch-disconnector of the 16th bag, 220KV, GW7-252;252kV, 2500A, 50KA/125kA, 16 300 yuan
The 17th packet, close bus leaves even type completely close bus, in all box closes bus 164 meters / three-phase, 472 meters 800 yuan
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