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Triumphal power plant industry of unit of 8 × 660MW
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Project of unit of 8×660MW of triumphal power plant invite public bidding of the 2nd batch of equipment
Release time: 2008-09-26
Detailed content: Suffer the commission of owner, exceed critical coal fired to 8×660MW of triumphal power plant now the 2nd batch of subsidiary engine purchase project of equipment of direct empty cold unit to make public invite public bidding into travel home, invite the potential bidder that has corresponding aptitude to attend this purpose to bid now.
1, project name: The 2nd batch of subsidiary engine purchase project of triumphal power plant
2, limits of invite public bidding: 8 cover 660MW to exceed critical coal fired direct empty cold aircrew equipment of the 2nd batch of subsidiary engine and relevant data, machine parts or tools kept in reserve spares parts, data of special tool, technology and concerned technical service. Equipment detailed list is as follows:
The first packet: Advocate transformer
The 2nd packet: In all box closes bus
The 3rd packet: From close bus
The 4th packet: Turbine lube purifying device
The 5th packet: Water pump of subsidiary engine loop
The 6th packet: Steam air heater
The 7th packet: Boiler elevator and grey library elevator
The 8th packet: Effort transports grey fixture
The 9th packet: Aerification fan and air report heater
The 10th packet: Bring fan
Eleventh bag: Processing system of boiler make-up water
Dozenth bag: Lunt sampling system
Thirteenth bag: Advocate workshop adds medical system
The 14th packet: Device of coal water treatment
The 15th packet: Production, life, service reachs fire pump group
All goods that bidder can include to every only undertakes bidding, goods of the part in cannot be being wrapped in order to choose undertakes bidding.
3, ask to the qualification of bidder:
Bidder should satisfy following and overall demand at the same time:
(1) should be registered in People's Republic of China and have independent corporate organization;
(2) have the design, unit that make or sells equipment capacity via the country is examined about the branch and be being approbated;
(3) have perfect quality guarantee system
(4) this project does not allow combine and trade representative to bid
(5) outstanding achievement requirement: The moving outstanding achievement that has 8 to cover equipment of form a complete set of above of above 600MW grade at least 2 years.
4, price of file of invite public bidding: Every packets of price 1000 yuan of RMBs, after the file makes work, invite public bidding is not retreated.
5, file of invite public bidding sells time: Come from September 26, 2008 on October 9, 2008, in the morning 8: 30 - 12: 00 afternoon 13: 30 - 17: 00 (Beijing time, holiday except) .
6, when buying document of invite public bidding, carry please this unit is licence of business charter, production, qualitative protect proof of outstanding achievement of systematic certificate, sale, legal person to represent accredit book and individual Id (above all is original or Xerox builds official seal, the photocopy that offers above original) .
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