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Air compressor uses the applied skill of oil gas segregator
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Core clew: Detached to oil gas core uses the applied technology on air compressor to ask, the problem that detached to oil gas core appears in use process undertakes an analysis, watchful item is needed before installation.
Key word: Segregator of air compressor oil gas uses skill
1 foreword
Motivation cannot leave to enrage a source in contemporary and mechanical industry. Air compressor is in our country before 80 time a lot of industries do not have application to go up, just use extensively till 90 time go up in factory and mechanical equipment. Inside 10 years, what use the most extensively is compressor of air of screw of fuel injection type. The characteristic of compressor of screw type air basically is air feed smooth, noise is low, province report and maintenance rate are low, accord with environmental protection requirement, from filled the place with piston air insufficient compressor. The rate that uses compressor of screw type air on industrial motive force rises greatly, introducing foreign technology ceaselessly while, our country also studies ceaselessly new technology. The screw type air that causes domestic production compressor factory is increasing, will satisfy the requirement of market industry, the compressor of screw type air that shows domestic production not only sell in home, and sell back ceaselessly go abroad, the compressor of screw type air that this represented our country already strode on the technology one stride.
The core of oil gas depart inside compressor of air of screw of fuel injection type is one of important parts, the main effect of core of oil gas depart is the amount of bad news oil that reduces air compressor, ensure compress airy oil content to be in 3ppm. The manufacturer home of air compressor decreases ceaselessly in technical reformation reduce airy oil content, or the core of oil gas depart with choose quality better. But the effect of the part in using a process is not very ideal, also can appear airy oil content passes big or pressure difference is too big; Serious inflammation explodes.
The applied technology of core of depart of 2 oil gas
Of air compressor vent one's anger oil content not only the quality of as detached as oil gas core is concerned, and have with the design of can relevant, the handles flow form a complete set of a throughput of compressor of available still air and core of oil gas depart is relevant and important.
2. The form a complete set of core of depart of 1 oil gas and air compressor
Usually, core of depart of oil gas of air compressor form a complete set must choose what be more than or be equal to air compressor to give throughput, the petty dust that the inspiratory air filter in preventing to using a process cannot filter departs oil gas jam on the thin detached layer of core, reduce the processing flow of core of oil gas depart thereby, cause oil gas detached core is inchoate pressure difference is too big. Depart in oil gas of form a complete set core is the most appropriate is to compress air to give the 105% above of throughput to choose.
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