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Processing technique of trouble of engine of double screw pneumatics
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One of equipment of air-jet loom form a complete set of pneumatics machine use more and more extensive also. Air-jet loom is taller to compressing airy to ask, must not have oil. The empty press that the place of cotton spin company that at present home has air-jet loom uses basically is Atelasi water-cooled screw compressor and Yinggesuolan the blade compressor of the company. The article introduced the breakdown of machine of pneumatics of two double screw to handle.
(One) engine of pneumatics of movable type double screw beats stop processing
VHP600 of flower case Suo Lan with VHP700 model it is machine of pneumatics of double screw of movable type only course, what what differ is former by diesel engine drive, latter by electromotor drive, both appears for a time jump stop breakdown. VHP700 pneumatics function leaves normally quite stop, wind also can be offerred normally during the job, but jump suddenly sometimes stop. Check diesel engine above all, did not discover clear problem. Temperature of reexamination pneumatics machine is protected automatically and pressure is self-adjusting system, lukewarm it is normal to control a share. Via tearing open check pressure control valve is mixed a powerful person that decrease carry on one's shoulder, discover interior of a powerful person that decrease carry on one's shoulder is used at bearing to press force adjustment to press poor balata film to damage, there is one alveolus on film. Because balata film damages, when the pressure that offer wind alternates, size of pneumatics machine air inlet cannot be adjusted quite in time, unit negative charge and diesel engine power do not match, cause protection of diesel engine overload to jump stop, change after the balata inside a powerful person that decrease carry on one's shoulder is filmy, trouble removal.
The structure of VHP600 pneumatics machine and VHP700 are similar. After switching on the mobile phone, jump instantly stop, can switch on the mobile phone normally now and then, after working for some time, still jump stop. Pressure of examination lube temperature and exhaust is not high, protect temperature switch temporary short circuit, jump stop a phenomenon to disappear. This makes clear is temperature tall cause jump stop, but the feeling does not come loose to lube radiator the quantity of heat that give. The platoon examines lube way, temperature protection switch and lukewarm it is normal to charge a powerful person, changed oily filter filter core, cleaned carbon fin, breakdown as before. Undertake to check valve disintegrate is checked, discovery is to bear likewise the balata film that lube around presses difference damages, the trouble removal after changing.
Of machine of pneumatics of only course double screw jump stop, because invalidation of a certain a powerful person causes pressure regulating system,often be, the spare parts such as the balata weather strip of a powerful person, plastic diaphragm, bedspring gives trouble easily, often concealment the gender is stronger, create illusion easily to the person.
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