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Choose correctly how to select pneumatics engine
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Pneumatics machine is to point to compress medium to be airy compressor, wide application is carried at chemical industry, oil, traffic, the domain such as building, nautical, mine, crop occupies the 90 % above of compressor total output. Pneumatics machine sort is various, type diversity, small the pump that uses to car, tractor, arrive greatly the cut into a mountain, large empty press that digs mine to use, value differs to hundred thousands of yuan by thousands of yuan.
How to undertake to pneumatics machine type selecting is mixed purchase, involve not only how reasonable use capital, and have direct connection with the economy that runs normally in the future, dependability. The article makes one introduction with respect to the commonsensible problem of this respect.
Machine of general use pneumatics presses national level to set, exhaust pressure is 0.7MPa. If prep above or under this pressure, belong to namely nonstandard machine of special type pneumatics. Pneumatics machine basically has the following kinds: Press be defeated by tolerance (it is the bulk that the aeriform conversion that when showing pneumatics mechanic is made, every divide kind of eduction becomes inspiratory state) cent has small-sized opportunity (capacity is divided in 10 stere / below) , medium-sized aircraft (capacity is in 100 stere / divide 10 ~ .
By structural type cent has opportunity of pneumatics of mood of circumgyrate type, piston, film. Have the screw type in piston and circumgyrate type, blade type commonly. Molded lines of screw compressor rotor is complex, production cost is higher, but its volume is minor, quality is light, the part is small. Below the circumstance of identical capacity, screw type compressor should compare piston compressor a lot of more expensive, maintenance technician also must have technical knowledge and experience.
By line of air cylinder center and photograph counterpoint buy can be divided for machine of pneumatics of type of vertical, horizontal, angle. Among them, angle type is divided again for V model, W, L etc. Will tell commonly, because piston compressor is reciprocating type machine, it is certain to have shake. And can better land balances angle type its force, so, medium or small piston compressor mostly type of make it angle, the car is only marine because compressor suffers cover an area of the limitation of the area and make it vertical. Horizontal compressor is primary product, because do not have advantage, produce no longer almost now.
Can divide by condenser means for water-cooled machine of pneumatics of zephyr cold pattern. Water-cooled use tap water to open type loop refrigeration; Wind cold pattern is fan refrigeration.
Those who press engine is different can divide for machine of pneumatics of electromotor drive means and means of diesel engine drive. Large electric deserves to have distribution cabinet, derv drive type is started by storage battery, two kinds of compressor all have straight couplet, side couplet (namely belt-conveyor) .
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