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Foss was rolled out have longer service life high-powered butterfly a powerful p
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Provide company of Flowserve of the fluid control with banner whole world and service supplier, the ValtekValdisk that rolled out new design recently butterfly a powerful person, this valve is made by material of polyethylene of freeboard element quantity, reached American ANSI/FCI7-0-2 level standard of 6 class leak, use cycle amounts to 15-20 10 thousand hours.
CrisSidwell of manager of Flowserve company product says: "According to battalion movement condition, this one new valve base design can invite a customer when using butterfly a powerful person, the chunk that keeps good inside a few years grades performance, and do not need to stop production to change valve base " .
ValtekValdisk grows the unique design of life valve base, the pressure that is the medium in using pipeline goes compress and drawing S form is weak, repass is soft an extruding butterfly board, last in order to achieve cut flows. As valve base wear away normally, medium pressure can squash his further dish board. Valtek is high-powered of butterfly a powerful person medicinal powder hot property and abiding, close cut shed function to get admissive.
"These valve prove Valtek devotes oneself to to control design of a powerful person to provide outstanding technical service to rotate all the time, ask in order to satisfy the application with slashing industry of chemical industry, oil and natural gas, pulp and papermaking, power. " Sidwell says.

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