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ProfibusDP-V2 device is used in valve control technology
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SIPOSAktorik- - gearshift actuator manufacturer, it is the first uses ProfibusDP-V2 device valve to control a technology in. SIPOS has more than 10 years of experience in Profibus application respect, it is offerring the agreement of spot bus line of newest version for industry and power plant application. European main power plant, the F of device of Neurath power plant that includes RWE to be in Germany and G (every 1100MW) the manufacturer of the technology of new generation drive that using SIPOS the earliest namely. The pivotal character of new ProfibusDP-V2 agreement is by SIPOS collect mix in detail accurate time time jab; Fast system diagnoses ability; Those who accord with RedCom from type redundant; Safe data is transferred and permit wrong capability high.

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