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Reforming and opening 30 years of general and mechanical trades are large in see
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Environment of active and corresponding macroscopical economy is affected, science adjusts industrial structure, pay attention to own innovation and energy-saving environmental protection, enhance company core competition ability further.
General and mechanical trade is large in seek strong labor force to wait for hair
-- visit Sui Yongbin of chairman of association of industry of Chinese current machinery
By China a few days ago association of general and mechanical industry sponsors " party of media of mechanical exhibition of fluid of the 4th 2008 China International " go up, sui Yongbin of chairman of association of general and mechanical industry expresses China, although global economy suffers the United States second borrow the crisis to affect growth to put delay, international home market nots allow hopeful, but industry of Chinese current machinery maintained better development momentum 2008. This not only profit from 16 big since, the country is right of equipment manufacturing industry support energetically, more profit from reforming and opening comes 30 years, the fruit that organization of general and mechanical trade, enterprise, collectivity gathers from the joint efforts place of personnel of course of study.
The technology innovates
Memory reforming and opening comes 30 years the development course of general and mechanical industry, sui Yongbin thinks, technical innovation is the main motive force that boosts development of general and mechanical industry. Can develop general and mechanical trade the feature according to the technology cent is 3 phase. The first phase is to go up 70 time end reachs the century at the beginning of 90 time. Initial stage of reforming and opening, home lifts the upsurge that cooperates with abroad, introduce abroad's relatively advanced technology and device actively, promoted the big development of general and mechanical industry directly; However, enter on century at the beginning of 90 time, foreign company takes the technology seriously more, develop a technology with its cooperative difficulty is very great, a lot of foreign country companies are willing to build a plant in Chinese investment more, turn China into its to create base. And right now home company is on the technology mostly the century on continue to use the foreign technology of 70 time, 2 innovation are insufficient, introduce technical suffocate suffocate, own development comes true hard again, from on 90 time go to the century at the beginning of 21 centuries, general and mechanical industry grows speed to put delay, company competition ability drops, participate in international competition hard, this is the 2nd phase. The 3rd phase is 16 big countries put forward to revitalize Chinese equipment manufacturing industry, encourage development of mechanical production industry, encourage construction innovation society, be driven in policy and the government is encouraged below, general and mechanical industry begins new round of rapid development, tackle key problem through science and technology, digest absorb introduce technology and technical reformation, the own innovation ability of general and mechanical industry and market competition ability rise apparently, formed part design, make, the class such as scientific research, education and technical service the industrial system with all ready, huge dimensions. Economic dimensions all develops nearly 5 years quickly with 30% right-and-left speed, for national economy construction of development, infrastructure and national defence construction offerred large quantities of one whole set of equipment and gross product, had assume a country the ability of task of great technology equipment.
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