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The market extends industry of gas cylinder bushing quickly to present 3 big cha
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Lend internal-combustion engine industry the east wind of development, market of cylinder bushing of our country gas extends quickly. Wen Huishu of secretary-general of branch of annulus of piston of cylinder bushing of association of industry of Chinese internal-combustion engine tells China industry signs up for a reporter: "At present air cylinder covers standard of industry whole quality, technology level to promote ceaselessly, output grows quickly continuously. Output grows quickly continuously..
In recent years, develop quickly as industry of our country internal-combustion engine, industry of its form a complete set also appeared the picture of flourishing, industry of gas cylinder bushing is among them one of. Gas cylinder bushing is the crucial component of internal-combustion engine, high-powered, high quality, low consumption is the requirement that standardizes to its, also be the requirement that gets used to development of internal-combustion engine industry.
Wen Huishu points out, current, industry of cylinder bushing of domestic energy of life appeared material diversification, dependability rises quickly, change fast this 3 big characteristics.
Wen Huishu tells a reporter, material of gas cylinder bushing uses alloy cast iron commonly, the alloy material before cannot satisfy internal-combustion engine to change the requirement to reaching wear-resisting reliably. Nowadays, progress as the technology, air cylinder covers material change with each passing day. Its material uses wear-resisting more character cast-iron, if boracic cast-iron, tall phosphor is cast-iron,etc is material of new-style gas cylinder bushing, its wear-resisting organization is boracic complex matter, phosphor respectively in all the material such as brilliant is qualitative. Chemical element is different, the mechanical intensity of gas cylinder bushing, wearability differs somewhat. Body of shellfish family name is cast-iron it is current material of the most advanced gas cylinder bushing, have higher intensity and hardness, better tenacity and wearability, prolonged the service life of gas cylinder bushing thereby, satisfy the overhaul period requirement that internal-combustion engine manufacturer raises increasingly then.
Increasing dependability respect, the main problem that gas cylinder bushing faces is corrode and wear away. Accordingly, the progress of material still needs the development of finishing technology, ability of both and joint action makes enrage the dependability of cylinder bushing get on a building again. Current, the finishing technology of gas cylinder bushing has eletroplate chromic, thermal spraying.
"Add a few rare element in finishing, can enhance the wearability of gas cylinder bushing and oil storage rate, avoid to pull a crock, in order to get used to the development need of internal-combustion engine. " Wen Huishu says. Laser finishing technology is a kind of economy, effective technology, it uses laser scanning cylinder bushing, make metal of its surface layer heats quickly some temperature, make its cool quickly again next, can improve the wear-resisting function of gas cylinder bushing and service life substantially.
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