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10 years of transducer
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Transducer had gone to belong to her gold 10 years in China, of course, this is not after meaning 10 years she begins now downhill, conversely, the bitter fleabane break out of industry of Chinese automation market exhibits the fast advancement that be driven greatly and promoted transducer industry group, as the application of new-style power electronic parts and high-powered microprocessor and the development that control a technology, the sexual price of transducer is compared taller and taller, volume is minorrer and minorrer also, the communication of drive is changed, power transformation implement high frequency change, pilot digitlization, intelligence is changed and network also develops a tendency with respect to what became current transducer. The progress of microprocessor makes the number controls the development way that makes contemporary controller. Athletic control system is fast system, especially the control with high-powered AC motor needs to store a variety of data and fast real time handle a large number of information. As we have learned, in last few years abroad is rolled out in succession with DSP (Digital Signal Processing, digital signal processor) the kernel that is a foundation, deserve to dominate needs periphery function circuit with electric machinery, compositive inside onefold chip call DSP sheet piece electric machinery controller, the price is reduced greatly, bulk is contractible, the structure is compact, use convenient, dependability rises.
In the market, compare with posture of industry of foreign frequency conversion at present, the company of a few home that goes in the technology topmost has competitive advantage very much, the products plan of domestic company fits the index requirement of domestic user completely, in the transducer product that comparatives on function, on the price, foreign product wants the 1/3 of product of prep above country, and foreign enterprise is in after service respect is charge more costly, the inferior position of company of big much home depends on capital be not worth, so cannot substantially the market that send develop, believe as the user of consciousness of energy-saving environmental protection rise further, through 3 years two the development of oneself expands, domestic company can be caught up with certainly and surpass foreign industry, the home market of occupational larger portion.

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