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Homebred lube enters high-end position promotion in succession
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Gain of market of lube high end is rich and generous, take the market share of 20 % and the profit of 80% . However, it is a few years ago, this profit majority of 80% is devoured by foreign brand place. Most home company, especially small and medium sized business, because technical actual strength is finite, can be in only low Duan Xinqin is cultivated, gain profit however scanty. In recent years. Improve ceaselessly as method of scientific research of homebred lube company, technical actual strength promotes ceaselessly, card of home made product also enters high end in succession, wait for an advantage by right of perfect sale strategy, fine quality, in market consolidate step by step.
Lube belongs to high-tech product, increase scientific research capacity ceaselessly only, refresh technology index, ability stands firm in high-end arena. Accordingly, the homebred lube brand that is a delegate with Kunlun regards the key that tackle key problem as the technology, increase scientific research investment ceaselessly, hold to own innovation, walked up to drive the road of development in order to innovate.
Kunlun lube owns center of two world-class research and development, make full use of occupy domestic natural resources to measure the of all kinds base oil of 60% , rely on have international the analytic instrument of advanced level and experimental stage are worn, development went a series of having international is advanced of the level, the high-end product that owns own intellectual property. If lube field is used in the car, roll out perfect Kunlun day in the light of group of car of high-end illicit home, officer's car yuan series product; The alcohol benzine car that is aimed at energy-saving environmental protection rolled out spouse of benzine of alcohol of sounds of nature to wait; In sphere of equipment of tool of large scale computer, kunlun development went equipment of phone of wind of money of our country head product of series of special and lubricant grease; In addition, kunlun still passed attestation of BMWLonglife-98 of German BMW company, Woerwo the world such as oily attestation of engine of railway of company of attestation of company VDS-2 attestation, global company DEXRONIII, current electric equipment is famous the attestation of manufacturer. 2006 the beginning of the year, "Kunlun " the outfit car that makes German path formally still depend on Ci diesel engine, service is appointed with oil... the product that depends on content of a series of high quality, high-tech, homebred lube begins to stride steps on high-end market.
Undertake the technology is broken through ceaselessly while, the domestic lube enterprise such as Kunlun passes perfect market strategy and mature brand to modelled a method to gain market share further again. After having development to market demand and be being analysed, the fixed position that Kunlun leaves 13 product line to the banner was made adjust decisively, day of Kunlun of its lieutenant general yuan, sounds of nature is located in the alcohol benzine car with group of car of high-end illicit home, officer's car and energy-saving environmental protection to use oil surely respectively. Stereo the product fixed position that change, satisfied high-end market the diversification demand to lube, also reflected the professional quality that place of card of home made product has, get high-end market is approbated quickly.
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