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Mechanical industry: Profit is added fast pressure of the cost that put delay wi
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Up to on September 26, machinery board piece 120 companies the Communist Party of China has 35 to appear on the market the company was released outstanding achievement of 3 quarterly reports is premonitory 2008, among them, add 17 beforehand, be filled with 2 beforehand, fall beforehand 10, have a deficit beforehand 2, outstanding achievement predicts to good (be added beforehand and be filled with beforehand) the company is occupied release outstanding achievement the 54.29 % of premonitory company number.
From the point of fractionize industry, the company that predicting outstanding achievement has bigger amplitude is centered in the industry such as the numerical control equipment such as control of aerospace, automation, laser equipment, bearing more, outstanding achievement of 3 quarterly reports is worth afore-mentioned industries expect, and 3 quarterly outstanding achievement of company appear on the market to predict to all have different rate inside the industry such as spin machinery, mould, internal-combustion engine, valve drop.

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