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Brand share amounts to home made product of market of lube high end 4 into
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All along of market of Chinese lube high end with rich and generous profit is the contends for surely ground of brand of lube of tip of China and foreign countries, to brand of Chinese lube nation, the expression on high-end market also is the important sign that reflects brand actual strength. In recent years, brand of Chinese lube nation depends on the brand with the scientific research actual strength of top level, richer and richer international to model a method, and slow and steady channel construction and develop, the growth of advance rapidly was obtained on high-end market, market share is had rate already achieved 40% , qualitative change is become capable with the effective strength of a high end that ab extra brand contends.
How does ethical brand gain a breakthrough in market of lube high end? Company of Chinese oil lubricating oil shows to the reporter about chief, innovation of science and technology and brand are modelled is the one and only way.
It is with Kunlun lube exemple, center of Kunlun lube research and development holds to the principle that own technology innovates from beginning to end, make full use of occupy domestic natural resources to measure the of all kinds base oil of 60% , rely on have international the analytic instrument of advanced level and experimental stage are worn, develop international of advanced level, the high-end product that owns own intellectual property, they become Kunlun lube to open a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success of high-end market.
And in recent years, kunlun also regards a brand as the indispensable method in construction sports sale and commonweal activity all the time. No matter be Chinese car cross-country tounament, still sponsor solely continuously 10 be ready to help others for a just cause greatly good driver is chosen, mix to contest of lorry of throughout the country of near future commitment again become what Yao Ming of Chinese basketball giant star is in to rest the official partner of team of Si Duihuo arrow, kunlun brand is built also present a kind of commonweal and a sports work along both lines with each passing day, borrow outward appearance is sudden big scenic of trend international high end is good posture.
The expert inside course of study expresses, force of ethical brand core and ab extra brand weichi in the rich on high-end market, remain Chinese lube trade inside very long period of time thematic. It is construction of channel of ethical brand tamp with Kunlun lube, dig latent capacity of high-end scientific research greatly, for Chinese consumer development gives native land and applicable performance more the product of actor. And for science of ceaseless to consuming a concept trend, rational China consumer, enjoy price of native land sex to compare more actor, the product with stronger applicability, undoubted ability is the luckiest.  

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