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Limited company of equipment of machinery of fluid of double beautiful of distan
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Limited company of equipment of machinery of fluid of double beautiful of distant this world is a collect research and development of product of new and high technology, design, production, sale the high-tech substance enterprise at an organic whole. The company writes a fluid technologist Song Hesheng to initiate by what have old scientific research, production experience establish, assemble the elite of fluid bound, have abundant technical actual strength, excellent manufacturing facilities, detect advancedly method and perfect after service system. Can ask to design according to the user, make, installation, debug, to what making work the product executes lifelong technology service. The company owns national patent more than 10, the product pervades the whole nation sells as far as to the country such as Japan, Burmese, Bengal, Nigeria.
The distant of chiliad ancient city that the company is located in spirit of ground of an outstanding personality is in relief. Shenyang of center of economy of politics of boreal adjacent northeast, na Lingang saddle hill, according to Shenyang big freeway is mixed railroad of channel of great capacity only 3 kilometers, communication is very easy. Main product has: New-style and energy-saving efficient rotate pulverization type cools without filling fan of drive of tower, water jet rotates vavuum pump of jet of vavuum pump of jet of tower of pulverization type refrigeration, water, vapour, low temperature is low a deoxidize of integral type vacuum unit of refrigeration of condenser of air of type of device, pulverization, vacuum. The company is the whole nation is the most professional without filling sparge the professional research and development of cooling tower produces base, XWL series rotates pulverization type cools without filling tower and fan of drive of jet of SPWL series water rotate ZL200720010059.4 of date of patent of tower of pulverization type refrigeration and ZL200720010034.4, had applied in in company of chemical fibber of oil distant in relief oil and the state-owned and large company such as factory of this steel group water supply, moving result is favorable, brought very considerable economic benefits to the enterprise, got the height of the user is evaluated.
Double beautiful woman is brought to you with banner technology energy-saving fall the new experience of bad news, we abide by “ to go after everlasting ” and “ from beginning to end all management concepts that are user ” , with more the spirit that be realistic, more high grade product, more perfect service goes starting a modern business, double beautiful fluid and you are achieved in all hand in hand brilliant!

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