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Shanghai fine flower fluid machinery creates limited company
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Shanghai fine flower fluid machinery makes limited company found 1998, it is Shanghai machinery industry puts in buccal enterprise 's charge, it is unit of member of company of group of Shanghai environmental protection, it is member of Chinese valve guild, the calm dot that is head office of group of Chinese coal carbon and head office of national electric power produces a business. Beg with “ quality live, science and technology seeks progress, breed seeks progress, management seeks benefit, credit begs the aim that market ” is my company management development. My company is collect design, production, sale, service the modern industry at an organic whole. Still but for you user design, production GB, beautiful mark, heart mark, day bid and product of the valve that be not mark. My company is bibcock with the sale. It is in order to get used to demand of the market, contented client oneself, in China can, report of Hua Run, state, big the Tang Dynasty wait for steel of power system and Bao Gang, Han to wait for metallurgy enterprise, and the industry such as petrifaction, coal, sewage disposal is having very good sale outstanding achievement. My company is enterprise of Electricity Department key. Company headquarters address is in Shanghai Han Dan road 50 lane 31 1102 rooms, existing employee 126, personnel of technology of industry of its technical secondary school 8, the company produces base to cover an area of a face to accumulate 11680 square metre, floor area 7988 square metre. Company dominant product has: Brake a powerful person, shut-off valve, ball valve, butterfly a powerful person, check valve, diaphragm valve, control valve, hydraulic accuse
Make a powerful person, pump and air door, gate wait, have 1000 many breed norms, valve nominal opens way: DN3~2000mm, nominal pressure: 0.6~32Mpa, use temperature: - 40~570 ℃ , material has steel of cast-iron, copper alloy, carbon, stainless steel, alloy steel to wait character, drive form has a hand to move, worm wheel drive, pneumatic, dynamoelectric, fluid is moved and other form, join form has inside whorl, flange, right clip, chuck, right solder. Company product applies extensively at the industry such as mine of power station, petro-chemical, metallurgy, chemical fibber, chemical fertilizer, coal, building, sewage disposal, fire control, tap water and medical food. The company already connected attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality, quality of mechanical and electrical products of product classics Shanghai is supervised detect certificate of proof of central regular surveillance, the user is delivered to after the product presses national level certificate of proof strictly. Company technology force is abundant, have a design to develop ability, satisfy the special need of user project, production is seasoned. Technical technology is advanced, deploy advanced production to machine equipment.
The company asks to build complete and effective quality guarantee system by standard of ISO9001 international quality, complete data detects method, produce the after service that the process is supervised and perfects closely, ensure the “ of the company the quality of product of label of brand of fine flower ” . The product such as the of all kinds valve that the company produces, pump with function stability, quality reliable, design price of compact, sex compares novel, structure advanced characteristic gets the client's favour, each big power plant, waterworks, gasworks, sewage treatment plant, city gives home building of drainage system, colliery, building, and project of each environmental protection, all have the product such as the valve that chooses my company, pump, what get numerous user is consistent reputably. My company still continues project of domestic water treatment and power plant to decoke, the design of each project such as sewage solid litter and installation.
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