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Chengdu fluid machinery is sealed production limited company
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Chengdu fluid machinery is sealed production limited company, it is major produces of all kinds pump to use, boiler uses machine sealed with static weather strip control modelling company. The company is the whole nation licence of first production of mechanical and sealed product wins card business.
Main product has of all kinds machine sealed, metal twines type spacer, metal to wrap Fu all sorts of spacer, metal spacer, flexible black lead is compound spacer, metalloid spacer, braid sealed filling to wait for product of static weather strip. The product is used extensively at the industry such as oil, chemical industry, oil refining, electric power, papermaking, pharmacy, metallurgy.

My company is head office of Chinese petrifaction head office, Chinese oil natural gas, chemical industry weather strip of equipment head office supplies network member unit. The company passed ISO9001:2 2001000 international quality manages systematic attestation, built the quality management system from whole process of design, production, sale, service and computer government network. The product accords with the regulation of domestic and international standard such as ISO-3069, DIN-24960, JIS-B2465, GB, JB, HG, SH and API, ASME, BS, DIN, JPI not only, still can assume Wu of the design of sealed product below blame mark and special factory, mapping, production kimono.

My company pursues “ science and technology the quality guiding principle of ” of satisfaction of high grade and innovation of banner, management, efficient, customer, hold to products plan and service to be improved of quality continuously, leave no stone unturned satisfies client requirement, provide high grade product and service for the client. Company product standards is all ready, quality is stable. Cordial welcome is domestic and international broad new old client comes to my company negotiate business, pursue in all development.

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