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Limited company of equipment of Shanghai Yuan Anliu substance
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Far how to always set two big shops partly- - Shanghai Yuan Anhe Zhejiang is far how, set department of trade of 5 important matters- - ministry of career of valve of ministry of ministry of ministry of career of wholesome steel tube, wholesome valve career, career of wholesome pipe fitting, steam and ministry of sanitary pump career, major produces 5 kinds of big afore-mentioned products, apply extensively at the domain such as dairy produce, beer, food, pharmacy, beverage, cosmetic and chemical industry.
Far had been one of businesses that domestic minority can produce equipment of high accuracy fluid a few times at present, numerous and well-known company remembers his name because of firmly of " character " , shanghai light, combination includes already in this benefit China, Guangzhou is amounted to can, the group that collect a source far installed client, also include far how in the world competitor.
Young far how to work seriously, sincere letter is an upright person, arrowy annals is caused at hitting his base the hundred years enterprise with evergreen course of study; Young far An Youchao is angry, have train of thought, have actual strength, have action capacity; Young far the strategy that how executive science and technology innovates and runs innovation, cogent carry out " more essence of life, better, far the concept that how creates " , prepare to be sought on deeper domain and higher level at any time span newly!
Far how don't have end to the requirement of product quality, production uses the device of numerical control machining center with the top-ranking international such as CNC entirely, the precision that these instrument device say if using company Shao general manager can rival missile to make equipment; Technical criterion and Germany cooperate, take rigorous, economic style of work, raw material supplier chooses 5 steel of Shanghai and Taiwan China Xin Lihua, all products all according to ISO, IDF, DIN, build with 3A industry metric system, detect strict, perfect, quality accords with GMP requirement completely.
Cooperate market of be on sale with outstanding product, it is likewise excellent after service and likewise competitive sale price. Because cost control is good, far the strategy that how intervenes the market used challenger, the ability after assuring a product to have sufficient competition advantage in the price and after service respect launchs attack, the market is the most objective judgment, you respect it, it can give you the justest answer- - far how to open a phase quickly, the client pervades the whole nation, and be very strict to supplier requirement well-known company more very among them. Far what how get a client not only is extensive approbate, also cause the close attention that international travels together, because young far how, already grew gradually the competitor to have competition ability most. At the beginning of 2003, far how to step enough international market, accuse the product such as pneumatic butterfly a powerful person, diaphragm valve to export American sale oneself, fill the blank that product of equipment of our country wholesome fluid exports, confirm far install character to had been approbated by international.
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