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Strange fluid machinery creates limited company in Wen Zhou
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The countryside ”—— Wen Zhouou of the valve of “ China pump that fluid machinery surprises to make limited company be located in famed whole nation in Wen Zhou area of garden of boreal Dong Ou industry.
The company passes the collaboration with school of concerned scientific research, devote oneself to intelligence fluid for a long time to accuse fluid of a powerful person, valve (fluid is moved) carry out implement reach of all kinds pump, a powerful person electric control system (box) the research and development that waits for product of new and high technology, production, sale, carry out quality trace control strictly to the product according to international standard.

Dominant series product has: 0.5 seconds close quickly (leave quickly) series of a powerful person; Fluid controls series of butterfly a powerful person; Fluid controls ball valve series; Fluid controls shut-off valve series; Fluid of hydroelectric station whole set controls series of a powerful person; Valve fluid accuses (fluid is moved) carry out implement series; Series of PLC intelligence dynamoelectric valve; Pump, a powerful person is electric control (box) series.

Our company hold to “ sincere letter, the real situation, go all out in work the business purpose of ” and management concept, we will be dedicated to innovation of science and technology, with indefatigable effort, control a domain to make larger contribution for our country fluid.

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