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Fort of continuous heavy rain of case of Fosan city Nanhai sheds 體 機 to fetter
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The company is had grind for years 發, unripe 產 and 經 營 coil the 經 驗 of 軸, each 產 is tasted already became ” of inn of “4S of brand of 車 of 為 眾 much steam to appoint use 產 to taste a 選 tool that reachs 園 forest 綠 to change 澆 fill. Extend 縮 to coil from 動 canal implement 產 of 4 old series is tasted already 證 of 認 of CE of 際 of 榮 獲 國 , CQC, 權 of benefit of 專 of 國 of republican of people of the 華 in be being obtained with 時. 產 tastes main 暢 銷 Home 國 such as 歐 continent, Japan, Australia, beautiful 國 and ground 區 . The 設 計 that 產 tastes and taste 質 to be used 戶 good 評 all the time, the 國 in 並 榮 獲 " steam 車 維 repairs 與 to protect 養 " beautiful 國 of 雜 誌 與 " MOTOR " 維 of ” of beautiful of complete 國 “20 writes the 2004 year of 辦 of 舉 of cooperation of 雜 誌 company steam of the 國 in tool 獎 and 榮 獲 protects 設 備 brand of 優 of 10 beautiful name.

Fort of continuous heavy rain of case of Fosan city Nanhai sheds 體 機 to fetters limited company is 業 of a 專 unripe 產 coils from 動 the 業 of unripe 產 look forward to that 軸 series 產 tastes, cover an area of face 積 20000 square metre spend 園 廠 區 . Main 產 is tasted have extend 縮 from 動 working 燈 series, from 動 the platoon that extend 縮 interposes series, extend 縮 empty 氣 to coil from 動 軸 series and extend 縮 to spend conduit of 圓 澆 fill to coil from 動 軸 series, the 產 of unripe 產 is tasted model 號 has 50 much 個 to taste 種. Company 擁 has one to raise tall, medium the 隊 of engineering trick 術 of 級 職 稱 five, having 體 of perfect 測 of the 檢 that taste 質 is, the company is one-time already the ISO9001 that connect 過 : 2000 international quality manages systematic attestation. The company holds to " to taste 質 the first, 誠 believes collaboration, the tenet of " of meaning of 顧 guest 滿, model brand of fort of VERTLAND case continuous heavy rain hard.

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