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Valve of pump of Zhejiang day sea limited company
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Product of day sea series is applied extensively at plant business to pollute liquid waste badly to discharge, uptown sewage is discharged, station of catchment of system of people's air defense, hospital, farm irrigates, printing and dyeing, equipment refrigeration, food, environmental protection, chemical industry, oil, pharmacy, mining, papermaking, , and system of drainage of urban sewage treatment plant, municipal project, the industry such as construction site gets client reputably.
Valve of pump of Zhejiang day sea limited company is located at Chinese pump valve ” of —“ Wen Zhou, it is scientific research of a market development, design seeks advice, the pump valve major that produces a sale to be an organic whole produces a business, sexual price is reasonable, quality is reliable.
The employee rank of outstanding talent and high quality is the source power that day sea company expands quickly continuously, as famous as much home universities and colleges and place of scientific research courtyard build the company long-term technology collaboration concerns, make the company owns the core technology system of own innovation.
The company holds to the management concept of ” of “ character, credit, science and technology, service from beginning to end, it is ultimate goal with user satisfaction, welcome enterprise of global all circles wholeheartedly, what innovate in all hand in hand is brilliant!
In practice operation of a few years, already formed system of the production of advanced a complete set of, management. Products plan becomes better day by day, craft level rises ceaselessly, own center of the whole nation's banner technical research and development, introduced advanced CFD hydromechanical major to shed subdesign of an analytic support system and three-dimensional SOLIDWOKS, CAD, CAM. Written guarantee syncretic a complete set of detects modernly equipment. Use water pump personal computer to check system and valve entrance to check a center to undertake quality checks. Carry out strictly " product quality standard " ask to ensure with system of ISO international quality product quality.

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