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Jiangsu division power mechanical limited company
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This enterprise pays attention to progress of science and technology and development of new and high technology all along, scrupulously abide by “ to let investor be at ease, make an user gratified, make a worker enterprising of meaning of collaboration of Shu Xin, good faith, acute, ceaseless innovation, pursuit is outstanding the tenet of ” , serve for foreign user wholeheartedly, welcome presence of new old client to cooperate.
Additional, the company introduces technology of foreign advanced punch, digest the technology that absorbs maturity of foreign large transnational corporation, a variety of stainless steel punch of development solder pump, product quality is superior, constant. The mould pressing that aborning place uses solders technology, frit of solid of course of watch of inside and outside, pickling, burnish, in season is arenaceous, treatment, polish, entire the working procedure such as light, the product is controlled all the time by strict quality. All punch pump has side of inside and outside efficient and smooth and beautiful, energy-saving (efficiency casts pump to raise 2-10% than congener tradition) , good, life grows interchangeability, the construction is reasonable, choose material to pledge wide, corrosion resistance is good wait for a characteristic, this product volume is numerous advantage at a suit, it is the product that accords with green environmental protection, it is a of water pump industry major technology shake-up, replace a tradition completely cast pump, those who started water pump industry is epochal.
The company is to study development and treatment create the hypostatic company of the unity that is an organic whole. In recent years, to get used to the need that domestic economy industry admits, adjust enterprise mechanism in time to form with product structure, be aimed at the malady that there are food machinery and engineering technology to cannot be covered effectively suitably on the market at present, only this collected food technology expert, use new technology, research makes food machine new technology, undertook to machinery with first-rate technology data preferred combination, make facilities distribution more scientific and equitable, the production of the enterprise is more businesslike. On the technical base that more than 10 years in our company at the same time food machining creates, combine the advanced experience that foreign company grows, with many mechanical production the unit contacts collaboration, formed have more overall process capability and sound quality guarantee system.

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