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Fine be apt to 3 long the fluid is mechanical weather strip factory
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“ holds to in order to pledge ” of famous brand of China of get victory, creation is the maxim of my company, ” of “ honesty, be as good as one's word, innovation, deal with concrete matters relating to work is the tenet of my company. The company has a professional management team, be in the whole nation each are big in the city built site of more than 20 services, welcome you join in. Business chance is infinite, achieve in all hand in hand tomorrow!

Management concept: Fat fact of cowardly of Mou of soft-shelled turtle of Mou Huan of Bao of cheek scabbard Su seeks  ? more important is quality and credit.

Fine be apt to 3 long sealed production limited company is located in fluid machinery the Zhejiang with beautiful, easy communication saves the scenery county of fine be apt to, the company is apart from 85 kilometers of Shanghai, hangzhou 110 kilometers, suzhou 70 kilometers.
All sorts of products that our company have already were sold as far as to domestic and international city of 30 many provinces and area, with much home state enterprise of large chemical industry established long-term cooperation relationship, consider repletion meaning degree to amount to 98% above. All sorts of products apply extensively at the domain such as oil, chemical industry, spin, car, can design production entrance for you according to user need equipment is sealed and homebred change. Obtained the whole nation first industrial product produces licence.

Come for years, draw the foreign advanced technique such as Germany, United States and design concept through be being introduced ceaselessly, combinative home is actual, develop and formed more than 200 series, exceed the sealed product of more than 3000 kinds of norms and sealed support system, the product accords with the standard such as DIN24960, GB6556. Among them ripple of sealed, metal provides mechanism of collect outfit type type of cent of mechanical and sealed, analyse is mechanical sealed, entrance is mechanical and sealed homebred change reflected Jiageman adequately to be in of sealed domain get place of the person that run.

Industrial domain offers machinery to sealed design is made and serve, what be equipment of all tool of a favourable turn coming back to offer all sorts of special designs is sealed.

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