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2009 China drive of austral time power and fluid control exhibition
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Showpiece time: 2009-6-24 comes 2009-6-26
Application ends: 2009-6-1
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area: Guangdong / Shenzhen city
Specific address: Shenzhen can exhibit a center
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: ★ mechanical drive: Machine of positive drive, decelerate, transmission, drive binds, catenary drive, belt is transmission, relevant material and component, system of electric drive, sharp movement, bearing reachs his special equipment. ★ fluid controls hydraulic pressure technology: Hydraulic pump, hydraulic pressure motor, hydraulic pressure actuating device, hydraulic pressure crock, supercharger reachs transducer, hydraulic pressure dominates a powerful person or family, hydraulic pressure accumulator, hydraulic pressure accumulator, component of hydraulic pressure loop and hydraulic pressure system, hydraulic pressure uses hard, tube and pipe fittings, hydraulic pressure system reachs whole set of equipment, hydraulic pressure testing stand, water reachs water radical fluid drive, equipment of special hydraulic pressure, seal unit reachs auxiliary equipment, hydraulic pressure filter and oil-lubricated system, oil pressure machine. Pneumatic technology: Air cylinder and drive, pneumatic motor, pneumatic a powerful person, pneumatic component, pneumatic and efflux control a system, hard, tube reachs pneumatic contact, pneumatic device reachs other, weather strip device and auxiliary equipment, pneumatic is carried out implement, hydraulic system, baric a powerful person, baric adjusting gear, control equipment of integral atmospheric pressure, voltage transformer, double fluid activator, pressure switch (pressure relay) wait. Sealed technology: Extruding is sealed like element, runner shaft coming back is sealed, move back and forth is sealed (piston and lever are sealed) , lever of a powerful person is oriented and sealed, mechanical and sealed, other mat makings is sealed reach material. ★ flowmeter kind: Discharge of force of family name of turbine and the poor flowmeter that press type, electromagnetism flowmeter, supersonic flowmeter, efflux flowmeter, eddy street flowmeter, heterogeneous shedding flowmeter, family, come back into flowmeter, mass flow plan, flow meter. ★ compresses air technology: Machine of air compressor, pneumatics uses component, compress air to handle technique of equipment, vacuum and equipment to wait.
Sponsor square: Guangdong saves Science and Technics Agency
Chinese automation learns
Guangdong saves association of science and technology
Guangdong saves automation to learn

Undertake square: Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited company

Assist do square: Shenzhen city automation learns
Shenzhen city machinist Cheng learns
Guangdong saves association of metallurgy energy technology

Exhibit meeting network address: Http://www.iaexpo.org/ptf
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