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Exposition of equipment of industry of 2009 Chongqing international - pneumatics
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Showpiece time: 2009-3-12 comes 2009-3-14
Application ends: 2009-3-1
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area: Chongqing / other area
Specific address: Chongqing international conference exhibits a center (Na Ping)
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: All sorts of empty press, compressor reachs ◇ spare parts (compressor of type of type of roll of type of screw type, piston, stationary, high pressure, straight couplet type, leather belt, double canister type, movable type, aspic, aeriform compressor, blade type, centrifugal type, double entry gives wet, oil does not have compressor of oily compressor, air conditioning refrigeration) , compressor accessory and accumulator; ◇ enrages source happening and processing unit: Desiccator of empty cent equipment, dryer, centrifugal, centrifuge, filter press, air, filter compress air purifying device, reduce air aftertreatment facility, compress dynamical system equipment, pneumatic of running stores fittings, hydraulic pressure is sealed wait for relevant technology and product; ◇ fluid machinery reachs relevant product: Pump, canal, a powerful person, flowmeter, fan.
Sponsor square: Chongqing city Economic Commission
Association of Chongqing city science and technology
Chongqing Electromechanical (accuse) group company
Chongqing city machinist Cheng learns

Undertake square: Chongqing city machinist Cheng learns to show a department
Chongqing Wo Dezhan sees limited company

Assist do square:
Exhibit meeting network address: Http://www.worldfair.org.cn
Exhibit meeting specification: The 10th International Industry Equipment Fair, chongqing, china
Exposition of equipment of industry of international of Chongqing of the 10th China
Pneumatics machine, compressor and fluid machinery are exhibited

News briefing of news of project of major equipment of □ of forum of development of □ new-style industrialization □ equipment industry is converse purchase see appearance negotiate meeting
Design of industry of □ of forum of high level of CIO of informatization of □ manufacturing industry and innovation seminar seminar of technology of □ OEM mechanical design

IIEF2009 origanization construction

Support an unit: Mechanical engineering of China of government of Chongqing city people learns Chinese car project
Machinery of fluid of branch of compressor of association of industry of Chinese current machinery reachs research center of compressor country project

IIEF2009 overview

? IIEF2009 international industry reads extensively —10 holds grand meeting, industry praise highly!
- IIEF2009 is accumulated through 9, add up to clinch a deal one billion and sixty-four million one hundred and fifty thousand yuan, recieve outside including within the country of country and the Hong Kong such as the United States, Germany, France, England, Japan, Korea, middle east, Taiwan and countrywide each district global travelling merchant 99108 people (second) , extend meeting scope year increase rate exceeds 26% above. The full congress that held in Shanghai 2005 exhibits trade association (can exhibit do) be judged to be 100 beautiful of “ year China on joint meeting outstanding brand exhibits meeting ” , already became western banner industry great event and trade platform.
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