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Drive of motivation of 2008 Asias international and control technology exhibitio
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Showpiece time: 2008-10-27 comes 2008-10-30
Application ends: 2008-10-1
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area: Shanghai / Shanghai
Specific address: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Yang Lu of dragon of Pudong new developed area 2345)
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Fluid motivation and compress air technology domain: Buddhist nun of dimension of division of blessing of Fen of Eton, the Han Ni that send a gram, Germany, Xiersi, Atuosi, Suofeima, Lai, lay mines, KAWASAKI, PNEUMAX, Maitewoke, : Xi Menzi, live heart of flying interest of friendly, state, Nuo, protect heart, 10 thousand tall, 10 thousand amount to, Jin Long, 3 ocean, install carry, SITI, Ruinuode, Chinese toon originally, east treasure, Leijina, : SALA of National Machinery, Italy, spring day, be able to bear or endure snail buckles, collect actor, wisdom article, grand complete, gold tastes, money of Hong Jie, friendly letter, key, go up steam mark, Canaan, go up Li of mark machinery, mark, sea star, on luxuriant, Shanghai on the west: Admire shellfish Er, Gala, promote division, spring luck of name, gold dollar hair, Guilin is bedspring of special, Qian Jiang, all-purpose, sea of city of bedspring of labour of Guang Hong, Yin Feng, know-all, nucleus, nucleus power, beautiful force, salt: INA, FAG, SKF, Timken, TWB, IKO, Lei Deman, Ensikai, long fill, Tuomasen, Wangcilage, Heng Li, essence of life is long, Jiang Tian
Sponsor square: Chinese fluid calm sb's anger uses association of weather strip industry
Chinese mechanism is current component industry association
German Han Nuowei shows a company
Han Nuowei is exhibited (Shanghai) limited company
Affiliated company of Chinese bearing imports and exports

Undertake square:
Assist do square:
Exhibit meeting network address: Http://www.ptc-asia.com
Exhibit meeting specification: Drive of motivation of 2008 Asias international and control technology exhibition and
International machinery drive and component reach production equipment exhibition
International fastener, bedspring reachs his special equipment exhibition
International compresses air technology exhibition
Bearing reachs his special equipment exhibits an area

Postpone meeting brief introduction:
All previous classics is brilliant 12, drive of Asian international motivation and control technology exhibition (drive of abbreviation Asia motivation is exhibited) will this year on October 27 - in Shanghai 30 days new international reads extensively center again full-dress kick off. As the Asia the first, the whole world drive of the 2nd great power and the international grand meeting that dominate technical field, asian motivation drive exhibits the newest product that will use force drive, mechanical drive and component field showpiece and the most sophisticated technology, to promote a trade development offers the efficient solution of foremost edge. This year exhibit can predict to have come from 27 countries and area 1200 postpone business, reveal an area to achieve 58 what achieve a record, 000 square metre.
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