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Industry of region of the 13rd Hua Na controls automation international exhibit
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Showpiece time: 2009-6-24 comes 2009-6-26
Application ends: 2009-6-1
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area: Guangdong / Shenzhen city
Specific address: Shenzhen can exhibit a center
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: ★ controls a system: Monitoring and data collect automation of system, process to control automation of system, factory to control bus line of system, mixed control system, spot to control the system, control that is a foundation with PC system, can net of aether of net of aether of process designing controller, safety and dangerous system, industry and real time industry, accessory of bus line of electric drive and athletic control system, radio communication system, spot; Labour accuses machine, embedded system, electric switch, pass drive of feeling system, transducer, servo, control equipment and special controller, data to collect, signal processing, carry out implement, technology of control a powerful person, photoelectricity. ★ electric machinery / motor: Industrial electric machinery, servo electric machinery, miniature electric machinery, pace enters electric machinery, motor, equipment of connection of industrial power source, UPS, report. ★ automation and IT solution: Make carry out overall solution and process to optimize, program of company natural resources is overall solve, electronic business affairs is overall solution, internet reachs the solution that is based on communication, robot; Assemble, carry, system of automation of production of standard component of linear location system, numerical control system, automation, factory. ★ industry IT reachs software: Industry is compositive change solution of automation of administrative software, factory, IT of industrial control application software and development unit, industry reachs the software such as software, CAD/CAM/PLM, ERP. ★ machine vision: Vision of processing system of camera lens of package of intelligent camera, board card, software, fittings, industry, illuminant, image, machine is compositive, sensor, demarcate piece, grating, gasket, connector, motherboard. ★ appearance instrument / the test measures: Appearance of of all kinds instrument, quality control and measure equipment, laser detects, force is measured, value of Huoer component, PH, measure measuring projector, measuring instrument of video, 2 dimension, 3 coordinate, measure machine, instrument, industrial stereo / optical / electron microscope, pressure instrument, say to weigh a system, positioner. Switch of control of machine of pneumatic of ★ hydraulic pressure, weather strip, pneumatics, fluid, flowmeter, discharge, fluid switch and relevant equipment.
Sponsor square: Guangdong saves Science and Technics Agency
Chinese automation learns
Guangdong saves association of science and technology
Guangdong saves automation to learn

Undertake square: Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited company (international exhibition management and member of project association IAEE)
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