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Exhibition of 2009 machine of the 10th Li Jiaguo time
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Showpiece time: 2009-5-22 comes 2009-5-25
Application ends: 2009-5-15
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area:
Specific address: Chongqing international conference exhibits a center (Na Ping)
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Pump of technology of ◆ hydraulic pressure, motor, alterable switch of a powerful person of booster of fast drive component, air cylinder, pressure and fluid brake, control, accumulator, pressure, hydraulic pressure uses trunnion and connection, assemble reach testboard of system of hydraulic pressure of a complete set of, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic component, ; Air cylinder of ◆ pneumatic technology, pressure booster and benzine motivate implement, pneumatic of fluid of component of pneumatic motor, job, baric a powerful person, application, a complete set of controls a system, include a fluid control, compress air equipment maintenance, trunnion and join, device of all sorts of instruments, weather strip and auxiliary equipment, pneumatic; Hydraulic pressure of cell of ◆ fluid power connects an axis implement reach converter of transmission component, fluid, fluid to change degree drive implement; Type of extruding of ◆ sealed technology is sealed (wait like O sealing ring) , activity of move back and forth is sealed (piston and lever are sealed) , a powerful person is tracheal sealed, mechanical is sealed, stretch black lead is sealed, stretch black lead chip, other is sealed component and sealed material, sealed check; Component of ◆ mechanical drive is used at securing tine of the mechanical drive component, mechanical drive cell that is used at mobile machine, gearshift is defeated by component of component, gear of transmission, other, change direction system and change axis, gear to loose mail; Shaft coupling of ◆ drive fittings and clutch, brake and brake system, leather belt and catenary board transmission of motivation of transmission, sliding bearing, other; Bearing of component of bearing of ball bearing of ◆ anti-friction bearing, scroll, tall accurate bearing, ball and needle roller, large bearing, bearing, other; Electromotor of drive of ◆ electric energy, common model industrial electromotor, special model industrial electromotor, servo electromotor, common and small-sized electromotor, special model system of transmission of small-sized electromotor, electric power and convertor, dynamoelectric technology uses component; Technology of ◆ drive control and product drive system and component, steep drive is oriented component; Linear scroll slideway, linear slideway, ball guide screw, ball spline. ◆ compresses compressor of air technology air (generation air is used) , compressor fittings, compress air processing, harbour to press a technology.
Sponsor square: Chongqing city Economic Commission
Chongqing city machinery sells institute
Course of study learns Guizhou Province machinist
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