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International of Chengdu of the 5th 2009 China gives catchment water treatment t
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Showpiece time: 2009-3-27 comes 2009-3-29
Application ends: 2009-3-1
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area: Sichuan / the Chengdu City
Specific address: New international exhibition center of Chengdu century city
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: ◇ gives catchment technology device (include municipal, building, industry, fire protection) : Net of tubal material, pipe fitting, conduit, canal detects establishment and construction technology; Equipment of water supply of valve, pump, weather strip, frequency conversion, decrease brace up lie between shake, insulation material and equipment to wait; ◇ sewage disposal equipment: The mixer, machine that blow mud, except corrupt equipment of surplus of machine, steam, depart except arenaceous machine, machine suction mud, grease machine of equipment, centrifugal, filter press, thickener, air-blower, aeration; ◇ film reachs equipment of membrane separation technology: Pressure vessel of component of film, film, glass reinforced plastics, stainless steel pressure vessel, filter to wait with separate facility; ◇ water disinfection and bate divide salt: Chloric generator of ozonizer, 2 oxidation, ultraviolet ray is antiseptic implement, the equipment that add drug, add chloric machine, reverse osmosis, soft water implement, ooze of report of EDI device, magnetization, deoxidize implement, divide manganese except iron, wait except dirty; Drug of ◇ water treatment and material (use water and drinking water with water, oil field to cooling water of catchment, loop, boiler) : Garrulous coagulates agent, clean water agent, block is dirty agent, corrosion inhibiter, antiseptic destroy alga agent, clear lotion, beforehand the material such as makings of inorganic agent of velar agent, anti-foaming agent, boiler water and ion exchange colophony, activated carbon, filling, filter and its use all sorts of drug such as technology, equipment; ◇ waters equipment: Machine of family expenses pure water, business uses pure water machine, water clean water of machine, family expenses implement, equipment of furnish of clean water fittings, fill; ◇ instrument appearance and control a system oneself: Metric detect, analytic experiment, monitor, pressure, content, discharge, temperature, water meter, water analysis, sensor, change send implement, ark of transducer, control, system is compositive management; ◇ container: Bucket of canister of cistern, lay aside, lay aside, can without lid, plastic container; ◇ is other: Water scene, fountain, sprinkling irrigation, shower nozzle and control equipment, lighting equipment, swim pool equipment; ◇ section water and liquid waste resource turn applied technology equipment; Water project design and seek advice, plot software, books and periodicals and other are relevant equipment.
Sponsor square: Sichuan provincial capital presses down association of water supply catchment
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