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Exhibition of machinery of fluid of international of Chengdu of the 2nd 2009 Chi
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Showpiece time: 2009-3-27 comes 2009-3-29
Application ends: 2009-3-1
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area: Sichuan / the Chengdu City
Specific address: New international exhibition center of Chengdu century city
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Pump, valve, conduit, fan, compressor, filter to wait for technology of fluid machinery major and product with separate facility, vacuum equipment, dryer; Decrease fittings of gearshift machine, bearing, sealed, conduit, electric equipment, instrument appearance and accuse to wait for form a complete set oneself technology of product and technology, whole set equips; Project / equipment is safeguarded / clean, experiment, detect project of equipment, air, drive / transmission, heat exchange / detached / agitate / compress, and the flow control solution that faces the industry such as petro-chemical, food, pharmacy, environmental protection, electric power, metallurgy, water treatment.
Sponsor square: Sichuan saves fluid machinery key laboratory
Sichuan saves machinist Cheng to learn a fluid to control only appoint meeting
Sichuan saves society of chemical chemical industry
Sichuan provincial capital presses down association of water supply catchment
Sichuan saves association of municipal the appearance of a city

Undertake square: The couplet in Chengdu shows limited company

Assist do square:
Exhibit meeting network address:
Exhibit meeting specification: Support: China is become amount to engineering company (China is chemical the 8th academy)
Designing institute of southwest of Chinese municipal project
In branch of cropland of oil southwest oil gas
In branch of cropland of petrifaction southwest oil gas
Sichuan province oil is current association
Sichuan saves valve guild
Sichuan valve institute
The Chengdu City is municipal project designing institute

General situation
Sichuan province is resource of ministry of our country Chinese and Western class of rich collect, industry is all ready. In recent years, government of Sichuan provincial Party committee, province puts forward industry to save innovation by force to span- - accelerate advance Sichuan strategy of new-style industrialized process, revitalizing equipment manufacturing industry energetically is among them main strategy deploy. Sichuan saves economy to get rapid development. Fluid machinery regards equipment as the main component of manufacturing industry, assuming the main task that waits for construction of departmental door and urban infrastructure and national defence construction to supply crucial equipment for petro-chemical, electric power, metallurgy, coal and mineral products development, in the country great skill equips decisive position and effect are had in development.
Accordingly, to strengthen fluid mechanism company of manufacturing industry and domestic and international user, engineering is mixed the extensive communication of designing institute place and collaboration, the gain of newest scientific research that shows machine of domestic and international fluid centrally reachs product of new and high technology, promote and optimize me to save an industry structural adjustment and upgrade, the technical progress that drives machine of fluid of plain change area further and economy grow, we decide in March 2009 the last ten-day of a month holds current fair in Chengdu. For more reflect the ginseng that postpones business to exhibit the effect, the corresponding period will hold “2009 international of Chengdu of the 5th China gives technology of catchment water treatment and equipment exhibition ” . Welcome global broad manufacturer to sign up actively ginseng exhibit!
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